Aching Like A Boy
All Night Diner
American Boy

Am I Ready for Love
Being With My Baby
Better Off
Bother Me
Brand New World
Breathless (cover)
Brought Up That Way
By The Way
Can I Go With You
Castles Crumbling
Check Out This View
Closest To A Cowboy
Cross My Heart
Dark Blue Tennessee
Dark Blue Tennessee (Piano Version)
Diary Of Me
Didn’t They
Don’t Hate Me For Loving You
Don’t You
Down Came The Rain
Drama Queen
Drive All Night
Fall Back On You
Foolish One
For You
Going Louder Folks
His Lies
Honey Baby
I Can See You
I’d Lie
I Guess I Wished On A Plane
I Used To Fly
I’m Looking Out For You
I Need You Now
In The Pouring Rain
It Ain’t You (also known as I Know What I Want)
Just South Of Knowing Why (also known as Drive All Night)
Kid In The Crowd
Let’s Go
Live For The Little Things
Long Time Coming
Look At You Like That
Love They Haven’t Thought Of Yet
Love To Lose
Lucky You (Version 2)
Made Up You
Making Up For Lost Love
Me and Britney
Mr. Perfectly Fine
My Cure
My Turn To Be Me
Need You Now
Never Mind (Version 1)
Never Mind (Version 2)
One Thing
Our Last Night
Perfect Have I Loved
Permanent Marker
Point Of View
Rain Song
Ride Of Our Lives
Same Girl
Smokey Black Nights version 2
Someone Just Told Me
Someone Loves You
Spinning Around
Stupid Boy
Sweet Tea and God’s Graces
Ten Dollars and A Six Pack
That’s When
Thinkin’ Bout You
Thirteen Blocks (Also Known As: Can’t Call It Love)
This Here Guitar
This Is Really Happening
This One’s Different
'Till Brad Pitt Comes Along
Too Beautiful
Under My Head
Wait For Me
We Were Happy
Welcome Distraction
What Do You Say
What To Wear
Who I’ve Always Been
Wonderful Things
Writing Songs About You
You All Over Me
You Do
You Don’t Have To Call Me
Your Anything
Your Face